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Project type //

Architectural design and construction of educational facility

Chronology // 


Location // 

Walwa and Selam Cushets, Abergele Woreda, Central Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Team / Stakeholders // 

Nerea Amoros Elorduy - Lead Architect

Chain of Love for human development – Construction management

Abergele Woreda education office  - coordination

Communities of Walwa and Selam – Sand, Stones, partial construction and labour

Client / Funding body // 

Africa Nos Mira, Abergele Woreda, Walwa and Selam communities

Beneficiaries / End users // 

Communities of Walwa and Selam 

Description //

The NGO Africa nos Mira has been working with remote rural communities in the Northern Ethiopian regions of Tigray and Afar since 2006. During this time ANM has helped communities to develop and improve their public primary schools with extension of the facilities and access to water and sanitation.


We contributed to the design and construction of their last two schools, in Walwa and Selam, in western and central Tigray. The design process builds upon months and sometimes years of collaboration, meetings and agreements between different stakeholders. The design itself, consisted in the use of local stones for the walls and foundations that are plastered towards the interior of the classroom which also posses a ceiling to mitigate heat and noise from the metal roof. The design includes extremely necessary shaded area: a longitudinal covered access pathway to the classrooms and a roofed outdoor classroom that can work as overflow classroom, as meeting area for the community during out-of-school time and as shaded playground. At both schools,  we also included latrines and a rain water catchment system, from which the larger community benefits as well.

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