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​Project Type //

Commercial development, refurbishment of existing construction

Chronology //

August 2019-April 2020

Location // 

Kololo, Kampala, Uganda

Team/Stakeholders // 

Nerea Amoros Elorduy - Lead Architect

Jackson Opolot - Design fellow and visualisations

Solcon E.A. Ltd - Furniture manufacture

Client //



The client wanted to combine his love for whiskey with accessibility to the best wines one could access in the country. In addition, he believed that the clientele will be attracted by having their own stash of liquors (especially wisky) rather than just ordering coctails. From this idea the concept of having personalised lockers came about. The 20sqm of the elongated space are divided into a wine cellar at the back and on the front having the lockers covering one whole wall like a library and a bar counter with cocktail service on the other side.


While the materials are the same between both areas the tones and shades vary. The cellar, which is separated by a sliding glazed door, is developed in lighter tones, with all the shelves and drawers in Cyprus wood and sandstone stucco on the walls. The front area uses Mugavu wood and dark grey stucco on the walls. A side window that opens to the cocktail bar can be accessed by a window from the outside as well as from the interior of the bar, so that private events and wine tasting can be taking place inside while the bar terrace can still remain open. Two asymmetric canvas sails cover the front space of the safe, and the outdoor seating areas combine low sofas with tall stools and tables giving options to the clientele.

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