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Mwito school published at Archdaily!

The public pre-primary school we built for the community of Mwito in Western Rwanda is featured this month in Archdaily! Check out their post!

The school lies in a beautiful plot with a steep slope and incredible views of lake Kivu and the Congo DR. Mwito is an extension of an existing public primary school, is the result of a collaboration between Westrock international, Rwanda Trading company, the District of Nyamasheke and the parents, teachers, coffee farmers and other community members of Mwito. The pre-primary school is up and running after its completion in August 2019!.

We are very happy that our near-to-zero carbon emissions construction designed and aimed to stimulate young children and their caregivers has been published in the renowned architectural platform! Thanks for the recognition ArchDaily!

Bruce Engel collaborated with us in the design of this fun and stimulating centre, and granite construction ltd developed the job on site withheld from the community. Congratulations to all involved! Go check it out and give some support to the amazing caregivers running the centre if you are nearby!

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