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Earth Flooring in Mugombwa Refugee Camp

This project started thanks to the results from the "mapping refugee spaces" research project (2015-2018). It involves the construction of safe, durable and comfortable improved earth floors for a couple of hundred shelters in the Mugombwa Refugee Camp established in Southern Rwanda in 2013.

Creative Assemblages and P+A Architects through the Barcelona based NGO Africa Nos Mira, got awarded the cooperation grant from COAC, the architects association of Catalunya.

The project entails the pavement of 250 camp shelters and the training of 20 masons from inside and outside Mugombwa refugee camp.  With the funds of COAC and ANM and partnering with UNHCR Rwanda and Earth Enable - which works with improved earth floors in Rwanda and Uganda .

For the next few days we will proceed with carrying out a transparent, participatory selection of household and mason beneficiaries.

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