Project type //

Architectural design and construction of educational facility

Location // 

Karusimbi Cell, Bushenge Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province, Rwanda

Team/Stakeholders //

Nerea Amoros Elorduy - Lead Architect 

Bruce Engel - Architect

Granite Construction and Consult – Contractor

Kigali modern - indoor and outdoor furniture


Westrock International

​Beneficiaries/End users//

Inhabitants of Bushenge sector


The public primary school of Mwito is located in Nyamasheke district, at the shores of lake Kivu. The plot has views over the lake and the neighbouring Eastern DRC. The pre-primary school is built on the north eastern side of the steep plot, slightly lower than the primary school with views over the lake, the lower rice fields and Eastern DRC.


The pre-primary school is composed by three stimulation rooms, one kitchen, a set of composting toilets, semi-covered play areas and multipurpose space and the open playground.


The constructions have been develop aimed at a lower carbon footprint, recycling materials from the dismantling of Rwanda Trading Company's factory at Rwandex and they moved to Kigali's special economic zone, the rest of the materials are purchased in the markets of Kamembe and Nyamasheke and in the near vicinity of the site. 


The playground for the youngest kids is secluded between the new construction and the terraced slope that doubles as amphitheater. Using the terrain to our benefit we prevent the use of huge retaining walls and extra railings and we use plants and other landscaping mechanisms to retain soil, absorb run-off and create a good environment for both the young kids that use this facility and the primary school pupils.

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