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Project Type //

Commercial development, refurbishment of existing construction and new development


January 2019-February 2020

Location // 

Kololo, Kampala, Uganda 


Nerea Amoros Elorduy - Lead architect

Jackson Opolot - Visualisations

Cantilever Contractors - Contractor




Located on a privileged plot at Kololo's foothill, the site with its pre-existing eclectic constructions and few mature trees, presented a great opportunity to create a much needed open square for food, drinks, and entertainment. 
The project consisted on the refurbishment of the pre-existing small constructions and the erection of a new building to accommodate various commercial uses and a big coffee roasting facility. The refurbishment of each of the small constructions created cozy corners, interesting pathways, and seating areas under the shade. The new building took an L shape to create an enclosed central lively square and separating that from the parking area and the street. 

With sustainability at the core of the project we projected the use of a structure in steel assembled on site, mortarless Interlocking Stabilised Earth Blocks for the infill and the enclosures, finished by pointing them with an earth mortar and no plaster, reducing the amount of cement to the light slabs for the two mezzanines made of corrugated iron sheets and light RC. The slab gets embedded within the I beams. All the windows and doors where fabricated on site with mild steel and we added shading devices and natural cross ventilation to ensure indoor comfort.
We pushed to maintain all the mature pre-existing trees and we added indigenous plants throughout the project in planters and terracotta pots bringing greenery and live to the square. 


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