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Project Type //

Commercial development, refurbishment of existing construction


February 2019-January 2020

Location // 

Kololo, Kampala, Uganda 


Nerea Amoros Elorduy - Lead architect

Jackson Opolot - Design Fellow and visualisations




The client had a great and very concrete idea of what she wanted: three imagination stations - areas that can be enclosed to store arts and craft materials and that each has a different theme-; a gross motor area for three to five year olds; three creative play areas with different themes; a separated baby area for children under three which will be under continuous supervision with its specific games and a reception and storage area.


We decided to use the pre-existing side entrance to what was an old car repairs garage, which we refurbished into the “imagination stations playground”, as the main entrance to the area and we closed the garage entrance and the ramp with a gate to be opened only to unload materials if needed. The side entrance divided the space into two, one with a fourth of the total dimensions (on our left) where we located the play area for the youngest kids. The other one occupying three thirds of the space, located on our right where we placed the imagination stations, the gross motor play area, and the creative play corners. The older kids area was designed as a small town, the imagination stations shaped like houses being the train station, the arts gallery, and the music theatre (according to the activities that will be developed in them). Opposite to these, also shaped like little houses, we located the restaurant, the grocery shop, and the clothes shop, each of them with their own equipment.


The imagination station structures where built in metal hollow sections and mesh resistant to wear and tear and finished with round edges and wooden pieces for safety. Above the three stations runs a bridge to which children can reach by climbing a wall, going up some stairs, and climbing tyres, and can go down through a slide.


The room has a sink and cleaning area as well as a reception area where your belongings and shoes can be stashed away and where the main caregiver is located to control the whole space. The floors are covered in soft artificial grass and the walls are painted with murals selected by the client.

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