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Project Type //

Design Competition


January 2022-April 2022

Location // 

Kafoutine, Senegal


Nerea Amoros Elorduy

Jordi Vinyals Terres

Etta Madette

Leonardo Villarroel




This project is conceived as a “learning path” that draws from the daily-life, culture, and climate of Kafoutine and its location between the river delta mangroves and the Atlantic beaches which provide with food, jobs and construction materials.


The communal path that runs from the northwest to the southwest corner organizes the school and its program. It begins at a small public square under the entrance’s large moringa tree and culminates at the site’s central moringa tree, that welcomes everybody to the school’s main piazza in front of the multipurpose room. As students and staff move through this learning path they encounter courtyards for gatherings and circulation nodes to access classrooms, offices, play areas and services. The orientation of the buildings harnesses prevailing winds enhancing natural ventilation, enabling outdoors’ views and providing adequate natural lighting. In addition, this layout’s modularity, simplicity and efficiency allow a seamless phased construction.


With innovations to vernacular techniques and materials, the project is a replicable example of low-cost, low-carbon and durable construction. The walls are made from Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) produced locallyr.bThe roof truss is made of formagier and mangrove timber poles. A layer of iron sheet with an underbelly of soil mixed with rice and peanut husks and closed off with cane mat for sound and heat insulation made the roof cover. The ceiling consists of interwoven and colourful sisal mats for additional insulation and vibrancy to the spaces.


The WASH facilities are a double-pit dry composting toilets with minimal water usage. For hand-washing points we propose locally available “step & wash” points. Our proposal provides a low cost, low-tech and near to zero carbon consumption, with high thermal, sound and functional performance for the school

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