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Project type//

Design and installation of a timber and brass floor insert

Chronology // 


Location // 

Kololo Hill

Kampala, Uganda

Team / Stakeholders // 

Nerea Amoros Elorduy - Designer

Lwanga Emmanuel – Sculptor

Client // 


Description //

The flooring project aimed at creating a special space for a coffee shop in Kampala. This coffee shop is located within a new commercial development in Kololo hill that uses local wood, steel fabrication, compressed earth blocks and plants to organise the space.


We decided to use a custom timber and brass floor insert, in a polished concrete floor to give a special and unique air to the small coffee shop.


We worked closely with our client and with incredible Kampala-based sculptor Lwanga Emmanuel to design and install the central star-like design. The process entailed using formwork while pouring the concrete, polishing the concrete, inserting the Mugavu wood and then design to measure, cut and prepare brass pieces from the scrap metal yard in Central Kampala, to finally install the pieces and buff them up to get our final gleaming design!

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