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Project Type //

Commercial development, refurbishment of existing construction


November 2019-March 2020

Location // 

Kololo, Kampala, Uganda 


Nerea Amoros Elorduy - Lead architect

Jackson Opolot - Design fellow and visualisations




The bakery and delicatessen shop has an artisanal and rustic look, in accordance to its theme and name, which means “homely cooking”. The client, a renowned restaurant and bakery manager in Kampala wanted to achieve as much as possible in the 32sqm space available: from bakery, bread making, pizza restaurant, fresh pasta, icecream and other desterts, including delicatessen items such as cheese and meats, olives, pickled goods and jams. The biggest challenge was to fit all the equipment while having the feel of a home kitchen and enough space to move and for displaying all the products.


As the space had a generous storefront we converted one half into collection area with a counter to sit for a quick bit or to collect your creppe, fresh pasta, etc, leaving the other side for entrance. This other side can be completely open giving the impression of a much larger space by taking out into the entrance space some plant pots, rugs and signs to make it a semi indorr/outdoor space.


We used terracotta tiles for the floor, tiles for the walls and wooden tiles for the roof, between the metal beams giving the impression of an old home construction in the Mediterranean. The kitchen area is separated from the clients’ area by the shelf that contains all the bakery products and a glass so that clients can see inside the kitchen as all the products are being made and to allow natural light to flood the whole area.

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