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“What is an Assemblage? A multiplicity. […] The assemblage’s only unity is that of a co-functioning: it is a symbiosis, a ‘sympathy’. It is never filiations which are important, but alliances, alloys; these are not successions, lines of descent, but contagions, epidemics, the wind.”

(Deleuze and Parnet, 2007) 



Every project, whether it is the design of an object, of a process or methodology, a consultancy, a construction or a research piece regardless of its scale and simplicity, is an opportunity. It is an occasion to create a new assemblage adapted to specific social, historical and material contexts. It is a means to test new and traditional knowledge on a different setting, involving diverse actors, being open to new results and expecting to learn and spread knowledge. We aim to be Creative in the production of new Assemblages, collections of ideas, thoughts and designs, for each project that we undertake. 



Architects, urban planners, geographers, artists, designers, engineers and social scientists work hand in hand with pupils, teachers, parents, doctors, patients, refugees, hosts, citizens, authorities, residents, private companies, owners, tenants, squatters, children… in order to put our knowledge and skills to develop consultancies, to design and build projects, to devise research methods and to develop data analysis in an interdisciplinary practice that tries to improve the livelihoods, education, health and wellbeing of humans and in relation to their environment in the diverse scenarios where we work.


Organisations we have collaborated with

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